Instructor Certification Program

What makes an instructor certified to instruct others within an organization? It takes more than just subject matter expertise. It takes a whole new skillset that focuses on instructional techniques and facilitation. Our education consultants can assist clients in the development and implementation of an Instructor Certification Program that meets their organizational needs. Our experts use educational research and industry best practices to customize a program to meet client goals.

The program includes:

  • Analysis of instructor performance requirements based solely on each client's organizational needs
  • Preparation of a tiered-approach to certification of different levels of instructors
  • Determination of minimum requirements for instructors
  • Development of performance metrics
  • Development of custom-built instructor training curriculum that requires live, daily instructional presentations by participants
  • Delivery of the instructor curriculum by our professional instructors who also provide feedback on daily instructional presentations by participants during the entirety of the course(s)
  • Completion of follow-up instructor skills observations that include immediate feedback and recommendations for improvement at the time intervals that work best for our clients
  • Assistance in developing record-keeping, organization, and administration of an Instructor Certification Program
  • Analysis of overall program effectiveness and success

Certification Programs for Federal Agencies

LEAD provided program development support for two divisions of a Federal agency. From the establishment of these divisions until 2016, no internal credentialing program for the instructors existed.

LEAD developed, implemented, and delivered an Instructor Certification Program for all staff and associate instructors engaged in instructional training activities at the Federal training facility. Our experts in workforce and adult learning developed a customized, rigorous three-tiered program that, within four years, trained 124 instructors and resulted in completed certifications for 88 Instructors (Level 1), 26 Senior Instructors (Level 2), and 10 Master Instructors (Level 3) across both Federal divisions.

Our professional educators developed curriculum for the program, delivered the training, and acted as mentors and coaches to every student who participated in the program.