Knowledge Management/Community of Practice

In a changing world, teams must learn to adapt and work together in new ways, making collaboration increasingly important. Our skilled facilitators will help you design, launch, and cultivate your Communities of Practice (CoPs). We've worked with multidisciplinary teams, nonprofits, government agencies, and educational institutions to connect people, facilitate dialogue, introduce collaborative processes, and deepen knowledge through ongoing interaction.

Quality Assurance Evaluation

Allow our team of experts to review and audit your systems and procedures to ensure your products and services meet best practices, the needs of your organization, and your stakeholders. We provide the balance between flexibility and standardization to help you:

  • Ensure a high standard of work by improving performance and results
  • Maintain integrity, competence and accountability

As part of our customized QA process, we'll

  • develop a custom strategy
  • establish an efficient testing process
  • evaluate testing results to provide recommendations, define priorities, and help implement best practices

Process Improvement & Procedure Development

Businesses who adapt seamlessly to change are often more successful. LEAD Training helps clients create and implement continuous improvement strategies to increase efficiency, productivity, and create a culture of change within their organization. We'll work with you to determine the unique goals and objectives of your organization and develop a non-divisive approach to drive improvement and support growth.

Formative & Summative Assessment

Our education professionals can provide formative and summative assessments at any phase of the training development process. From preparing stakeholder surveys used for gathering task analysis information to test item and end-of-course data for use in the preparation of course Pilot Reports, our experts can assist. They can also develop assessment tools and surveys to gather data on overall program efficacy, consistency, and success.

Accreditation Support

Would you like to add value and improve the return on investment for your courses by becoming an accredited provider? Accredited providers deliver the highest quality of instruction, and have the credentials to prove it! LEAD Training's Educational Consultants have supported large associations and government entities in their pursuit to become accredited providers. The accreditation process can slow down your business pace, so allow our experienced staff to assist your team as you prepare your application and supporting documentation, conduct practice internal reviews and audits, and serve as a liaison to support you throughout the entire process.